The rants of a retired blockchain millionaire

BTC and ETH helped me retire upon graduation. Now its time to share the experience.
Alex "AJ" Jones

Do not contact me for endorsements. As an early adopter of blockchain, I benefited from enormous gains and am now able to retire comfortable and care for my family. This blog is where I will share my thoughts. There is nothing for sale and no agenda. Just sharing my views as I wish to help others achieve freedom and prevent the black sheep of the crypto space from exploiting others. Please note, all views are my own and not intended to offend anyone.

femdom chat

What are some of the most popular topics for discussion in femdom chat rooms? There is no one answer to this question, as the most popular topics for discussion in femdom chat rooms vary depending on the specific chat room and the people using it. However, some general topics that are often discussed in femdom […]

dominatrix chat rooms

What is the most popular topic of conversation in dominatrix chat rooms? There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the specific chat room in question and the people using it. However, some common themes that are often discussed in dominatrix chat rooms include bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, role-playing, and power […]

fetish chats

What are some of the more popular fetishes that people chat about? There are many popular fetishes that people chat about. Some of the more popular fetishes include: 1. Bondage: This is a popular fetish that involves the use of ropes, handcuffs, chains, gags, blindfolds, and other similar items to restrain someone. 2. Spanking: This […]

webcam fetish

What do webcam fetishists get out of watching other people on webcam? There are many different types of webcam fetishists, but they all generally enjoy watching other people on webcam for the same reasons. They enjoy the voyeuristic aspect of it and the feeling of being a part of something that is happening in real-time. […]

virtual dominatrix

What is the most common thing that clients ask for from a virtual dominatrix? The most common thing that clients ask for from a virtual dominatrix is for her to be their online slave. They want her to do everything they say, when they say it, and to follow all of their orders without question. […]

online mistress free

What is an online mistress free? An online mistress is a woman who provides domination and erotic services via the internet. She is typically a professional dominatrix or fetish model who has her own website, and who interacts with clients online, either through email, chat, or video call. Many online mistresses also offer webcam sessions, […]

online mistress

What are some of the benefits of having an online Mistress? As the world becomes increasingly digital, so too do our relationships. Online Mistress services provide a unique and convenient way to explore Dominant/submissive dynamics in a safe, consensual and mutually satisfying manner. There are many benefits to having an online Mistress, including but not […]

mild hyperemesis gravidarum

What are the physical and emotional effects of mild hyperemesis gravidarum? Mild hyperemesis gravidarum is a type of morning sickness that is experienced by some pregnant women. While the exact cause of morning sickness is not known, it is believed to be related to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Morning sickness typically starts […]

how to stop binge eating

What is the difference between binging and overeating? The two terms are often used interchangeably, but there are actually some key differences between binging and overeating. For one, binging is typically associated with a loss of control and consuming more food than is necessary, whereas overeating simply refers to eating too much food in one […]

overcoming binge eating

How can I overcome binge eating? Binge eating is a serious problem that can have negative consequences on both your physical and mental health. It is important to seek help if you think you may be struggling with this disorder. Here are a few tips that may help you overcome binge eating: 1. Recognize the […]