The rants of a retired blockchain millionaire

BTC and ETH helped me retire upon graduation. Now its time to share the experience.
Alex "AJ" Jones

Do not contact me for endorsements. As an early adopter of blockchain, I benefited from enormous gains and am now able to retire comfortable and care for my family. This blog is where I will share my thoughts. There is nothing for sale and no agenda. Just sharing my views as I wish to help others achieve freedom and prevent the black sheep of the crypto space from exploiting others. Please note, all views are my own and not intended to offend anyone.

making wine from grapes

Why does wine taste different depending on the region where the grapes are grown? Wine is an agricultural product, and like all agricultural products, its taste is determined by the terroir, or natural environment, in which it is grown. The word “terroir” is French and means “of the earth.” The taste of wine is affected […]

online mistress femdom

What is the most popular type of online mistress femdom? The most popular type of online mistress femdom is the one who is able to provide her clients with the most intense and realistic experience possible. This type of femdom is usually very experienced and knows exactly how to push her clients’ buttons to get […]

online mistress

What are some of the most popular online mistress services? There are a few different types of online mistress services, but the most popular ones are usually financial domination and findom services. Financial domination is where the woman takes control of the man’s finances, and findom is where the woman takes control of the man’s […]

hand fetish

What is the difference between a hand fetish and a foot fetish? A hand fetish is when someone is attracted to hands, often in a sexual way. This can involve touching, kissing, licking, or sucking on hands. It can also involve seeing hands in a sexual or romantic way, or fantasizing about hands. A foot […]